Facebook Ad Tools – Spy On Your Competitors, Track Engagement

Editors Note: This is not a hoax. Everything you find in this article is live and available to use or abuse right now. Some elements are not available in Australia, but they’re surely coming soon.

With a rising consumer concern around social media giants selling personal data or allowing businesses to target potential customers based on information gained from online activity, Facebook Inc. has released several tools to try and increase transparency online. Facebook ad tools allow concerned members of the public to peer into the marketing backroom of any business and see how they’re using the platform to target consumers.

This presents savvy agents a, opportunity to do the same, effectively giving you the inside scoop on your competition and how they are attracting customers.

A word of warning – what you’re about to see should terrify you.

And yes, we’ll give you the link to search your competitors (but not until the end, you should probably read through first).

See who’s running the page, how many ads, targeting details, responses…

Information available through Facebook Ad Tools is still limited, as variations of the product are being tested around the world, however there are still several insights agents could gain from the knowledge of what ads are being run and where.

In trial countries, it’s possible to search for ads using a name, topic or organisation – for instance, you could search “Real Estate Glenelg” and find every ad from every ad account targeting these key words.

The launch of these tools could be related to Facebook’s plans to enter the real estate market in Australia.

In Australia however, the tool is limited to just organisations, allowing you to search out a competitor and spy their current active ads and how they are delivering the content.

However, sleuths and savvy agents will be able to search out the content through the platform’s other services (as simple as copying the ad’s text into the Facebook platform search bar) to find the advertising content and further breakdown engagement and responses.

The scariest bit? Now you can see back-end ad details

What comes next for Facebook ad tools is what should worry agents the most. In US markets, you can now get detailed breakdowns of demographics the ad targeted, ad spend, and other indicators deemed important for transparency.

And all this data is available for anyone searching a specific organisation, topic or key phrase – so even if your competitor tries to hide by posting ads from other pages you haven’t yet found, you’ll be able to access their ads and chase them down the rabbit-hole.

So, ready to look over the shoulder of your competitor’s marketing admin?

Okay – we have the link for you. But the choice to use this for good or evil is up to you.

Please search wisely.
Link to Facebook ad tools

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