REIA Starts 2019 Anti-Labor Election Campaign

SEE MORE: REIA campaign videos & how to share them at the bottom of this article

The REIA has released several pieces of media aimed at cutting down Labor’s negative-gearing policy via a 4 week election campaign of it’s own.

Adrian Kelly, REIA President, spoke to The Australian and said the REIA would be looking to tap into it’s member’s databases to spread their campaign far and wide.

Release by the REIA available on their website

“It will ensure that the issues ­relating to the taxation of property are an integral part of the campaign and that all political parties, candidates and voters know the consequences of the opposition’s policy on negative gearing and capital gains tax,” Kelly said.

“Our industry makes a huge contribution to the economy and REIA does not want to see ­economic growth put at risk by the proposal.”

Mr Kelly came has taken the reigns of the presidency of REISA after news broke that the ex-REIA president Malcom Gunning & his wife were facing charges of misuse of trust funds.

Opposition Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen , Source: The Australian

In a response to the real estate industry’s actions, opposition Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen made a statement tackling the anti-Labor campaign.

“There’s no surprises here that vested interests in the property sector are arguing against the ­reform of tax concessions for those seeking their fifth or sixth investment property while many first-home buyers are still locked out of the housing market,” Mr Bowen said. “There’s no news here. These vested interests campaigned against Labor’s housing affordability reforms in 2016 and will do it again this time.’’

Chris Bowen, Labor Party

Labor’s renewed vigour regarding negative gearing after a tech-blunder revealed the party had potentially begun to change it’s mind on a long-held policy position.

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See The REIA Campaign Videos Here


The video ads by the REIA are publicly available through their Facebook page, and so far have gathered over 80,000 views on Facebook.

The REIA’s generic negative gearing video advert
Advert targeting buyers
Advert targeting landlords
Advert targeting home owners
Advert targeting tenants

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